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  1. About Mamoru ShigemitsuFull name: Mamoru Shigemitsu
    Also known as: Mamoru Shigemitsu, Shigemitsu, Mamoru, 重光 葵
    Professions: Japanese politician
    Nationality: Japanese
    Occupation: Diplomat, Politician, Cabinet Minister
  2. Mamoru Shigemitsu Death informationDied: Saturday, 26th of January, 1957 (Age: 69)
  3. Mamoru Shigemitsu BiographyMamoru Shigemitsu (?? ?, Shigemitsu Mamoru, July 29, 1887 – January 26, 1957) was a Japanese diplomat and politician in the Empire of Japan, who served as the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs at the end of World War II and later, as the Deputy Prime Minister of Japan.

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